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Aerospace Manufacturer of Hydraulic Fittings and Other Precision Components

We’re MACHINE PRECISION COMPONENTS, and we’re proud to be innovators of the highest standard, using cutting-edge technologies to lead the industry forward. Through meticulous and reliable work, our company has become known as a top Aerospace Manufacturer. Have a look at our top sellers and let us know if you have any questions about our process.

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Driven by Success

Founded in 2003, Machine Precision Components is a machine shop located in Santa Fe Springs, California. The beginnings of MPC can be attributed to the belief of it's founders that they could make a difference in the manufacturing industry by provide the type of service & quality that would set them apart from others. They believed they could create a company that was more streamlined, efficient & dedicated completely to the quality of their process & products.
What started out as a modest dream by a group of entrepreneurs to start their own company based on the lessons & skills learned during their tenure in the industry, quickly became one of the fastest growing manufacturing facilities in the area. Over the past ten years MPC has doubled in size & manufacturing capability & our commitment to quality & to providing the best possible products has only grown stronger. We are defined by our adherence to product excellence backed by our dedication & strong commitment to quality throughout our business. It is with a renewed sense of commitment to these values that the company plans to move forward in the future. MPC is also aware that much of our success can be attributed to a loyal customer base, which gave us a chance when we were newcomers on the market & have continued to trust us with their products over the years. Their unwavering support helped make MPC the success it is today.
Primarily specializing in hydraulic fittings & high precision components for aerospace, commercial & military applications, MPC considers quality assurance & customer satisfaction to be at the heart of its policies. In our commitment to continued excellence, we remain current with all AS9100 & ISO standards for the industry & implement many innovative programs of our own, such as SPC capabilities & an advanced internal & external deburring workshop for employees.
Operating on an adaptable schedule, we are able to easily handle both high volume & more specialized orders. Our state of the art CNC lathes and mills insure that not only do our jobs run on schedule, but that the parts ordered are of superb quality as well. When you take into account our team of experienced and dedicated employees, it is easy to see why MPC is one of the fastest growing companies in the industry.

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ISO 9001:2015    AS9100D

In order to achieve the best final product possible, we maintain a constant and rigorous inspection process throughout production. Our daily in-process inspections are conducted by the quality manager and senior staff. The first random spot test is initiated two hours after the production cycle begins for each shift and is repeated two hours prior to the end of each shift. Not only are the parts checked to make sure they meet drawing specifications, but the machine operator is evaluated on how often and thoroughly they check the parts as they are completed.
A final inspection is begun only once a product run has gone through all the other processes including deburring. Generally, a final inspection is conducted according to a sample plan. Occasionally, the method of final inspection will be dictated by the customer and we give priority to their preferred method of inspection.

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Machine Precision Components is committed to meet all applicable requirements including complete satisfaction of its customers.  We exercise this responsibility through adequate training of our employees, adherence to proven procedures, and a total commitment to meeting or exceeding customer requirements, and to maintaining an organizational culture that fosters continual improvement of the quality management system.

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14014 Dinard Ave. Santa Fe  Springs, Ca 90670

(562) 404 0500

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